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Jennifer is available for editing and proofreading both fiction and nonfiction at competitive rates.

For fiction, the different levels of edit include a Structure Read, Comprehensive Edit and Proofreading. Fiction and memoir writing Mentorships are also available.

Nonfiction editing: As a graduate of a Doctorate in Creative Arts, Jennifer is qualified to edit and/or proofread your honours, masters or doctoral thesis. For thesis editing information and rates, please see Nonfiction editing (bottom of page).

Free sample edits (first three pages) are available on request for any of the above.

Fiction editing:

What sets me apart as an editor?

I have a background in teaching creative writing, as well as in writing creatively. I understand the craft and I don’t merely mark and correct ‘errors’; I give advice and offer detailed explanations that can help writers develop. Think of each editing pass as a personal creative writing course packaged to exactly suit your manuscript, goals and stage of writing.

My editing covers the full gamut of writing genres and styles from experimental literary fiction to romance, fantasy, crime and crossover works.

Structure Read:

A Structure Read looks at ‘big picture’ issues including theme, pacing, characterisation, scene balance, story logic, narrative voice, point of view and suitability to audience. Note that a minor issue can also be structural if its repetition means the entire manuscript is affected or if it shows a gap in the author’s skill-base, for instance heavy use of exposition or random shifts in point of view (‘head-hopping’).

Overall, the purpose of a Structure Read is to highlight important issues without bogging you down in tiny details. Occasionally a manuscript will need a second Structure Read after the first because the rewriting has imported new structural concerns. Readers who have been through a Structure Read but don’t want the outlay of a whole new pass are most welcome to apply for ongoing mentoring, which can be very helpful when you only wish to have certain parts rechecked.

Despite its broad-brushstroke nature, a Structure Read is an in-depth pass. You will receive very detailed and personal feedback on the flaws and strengths of your manuscript. Newer fiction writers usually walk away with stronger craft skills and sharper focus as well as renewed enthusiasm. More established writers can benefit by having a fresh set of expert eyes on their work.

A Structure Read offers solid critique with positive, actionable suggestions plus clear examples of useful techniques you can use to progress your story and develop as a writer. Think of it as a personal writing course completely geared to your manuscript and its audience.

Cost for a Structure Read:

Up to 10,000 words: $20 per 1000 words. Thus a 5000 word story costs $100.

10,001 to 20,000 words: $15 per 1000 words. Thus a 20,000 word long story costs $300.

20,001 and over: $12 per 1000 words. Thus an 80,000 word novel costs $960.

What you get:

At the end of the Structure Read you’ll receive a broad-ranging report cross-referenced to detailed margin comments. Among the comments you’ll find not only a description of each structural issue, but also suggested ways forward. (Note that when an issue is repeated very frequently, I may choose to only mark and discuss the first half-dozen instances.)

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Comprehensive Edit:

A Comprehensive Edit is intended for writers who want both structural and word-level input. This edit is best used for work that has reached a late to final stage of drafting.

A typical Comprehensive Edit may cover any or all topics such as intended audience, narrative stye, characterisation, pacing and themes as well as individual imagery, scene development, grammar, word-use and phrasing. It may also cover spelling and typography, but in general (there may be exceptions in the case of extremely polished work) this form of edit should not be used as the last stage before publication—this is because it’s likely that any rewriting will introduce new minor errors.

Cost for a Comprehensive Edit:

Up to 10,000 words: $30 per 1000 words. Thus a 5,000 word story costs $150.

10,001 to 20,000 words: $28 per 1000 words. Thus a 15,000 word story costs $420.

20,001 and over: $25 per 1000 words. Thus an 80,000 word novel costs $1600.

What you get:

With a Comprehensive Edit you’ll received detailed, actionable suggestions to handle structural concerns, develop ideas, build imagery, strengthen characterisation, hone prose, fix syntax, erase grammatical or stylistic errors and comprehensively hone the work.

Depending on the size of your manuscript and its state of drafting, a typical report will run anywhere from three to nine pages. An average Comprehensively Edited manuscript will be returned with a large number of cross-referenced margin comments, while the simpler errors (e.g. grammar and word-use) will be corrected in the text. If using Word, you can ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ any of these minor corrections at a mouse click, while artistic recommendations are always noted separately.

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In this type of line-edit, spelling, typographic errors, mistakes in punctuation and other trivial errors—including small phrasing issues—will be corrected on the page. As with all fiction editing, corrections will be marked for you to later accept or reject.

Proofreading is the last stage before publication, and its accuracy reduces when there are more complex or more frequent issues. Thus, while some minor copy edits will be included in a Proofreading pass, work with a higher number of phrasing errors than normal, or with complex errors, will be charged at $25 per 1000 words, or may need to be proofread again after changes have been made.*

Cost for Proofreading:

Up to 10,000 words: $20 per 1000 words. Thus a 5,000 word story costs $100.

10,001 to 20,000 words: $15 per 1000 words. Thus a 20,000 word story costs $300.

20,0001 and over: $10 per 1000 words. Thus an 80,000 word novel costs $800.

* Proofreading with extra copy editing is charged at $25 per 1000 words for any length.

What you get:

Manuscripts will be returned with changes made in the text, and with margin comments added where the change needs explanation.

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I offer various forms of mentoring. For instance, a writer may wish to submit early pieces from a work-in-progress to ask for encouragement and helpful advice on themes, goal-setting, style, world-building, characterisation, or individual techniques (imagery, dialogue, wordcraft).

Alternatively you may have completed a full draft and want overview input without detailed critique, or you may have already been through a Structure Read or some other edit and now want to gauge how well you’re refining the work part by part.

I can provide ongoing (or one-off) mentoring with a reading fee of $5 per 1000 words and a charge of $25 per half hour for answering/reading emails or discussing the work via Skype or phone calls.

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Nonfiction editing

Thesis Editing:

Jennifer has experience in copy editing theses at doctoral and masters levels as well as copy editing and proofreading government reports, brochures and other documents.

Cost for Thesis Editing:

The general charge for copy editing and proofreading nonfiction is $30 per 1000 words. Thus a 60,000 word Thesis Edit costs $1800; an 80,000 word Thesis Edit costs $2400. Please contact Jennifer to discuss your work and/or ask for a firm quote.
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