special offer: free manuscript appraisal & critique

UPDATE: 2 spots taken! One to go.

You: serious writer, partial or complete draft (at any stage e.g. first, second, third, polish), ready to have a professional set of eyes on it to point out stylistic, structural, plot or characterisation flaws. In other words you need to be capable of handling criticism.

Me: 15 years’ experience as fiction writer, editor, mentor and teacher.

BookAnvil is offering a free manuscript appraisal/critique to each of 3 authors who are serious about the task of writing. If selected, you only need to supply a digital copy of your manuscript so far, as well as a quarter-page summary of its plot or intent. (You also need to be competent at written expression, as frequent misspellings and grammatical or punctuation errors will suggest you’re not ready for this level of critique.)

To apply for this one-time offer, please use the ‘contact‘ page to send a message to me at BookAnvil, with ‘appraisal’ as the subject line. I’ll get back to you with an email address or Dropbox address (depending on what suits best).

Do I need to add that no part of your manuscript will be read aloud, shown, excerpted, pinched, quoted or otherwise used without your express permission in writing?

What are you waiting for?

Note: this is a limited, one-time offer, and is only available to the first 3 applicants whose submission shows they are at a suitable stage to receive critical help.